Friday, December 28, 2012

Elf for Health: Week 5 Overview

Round 2 of Elf for Health was so fun!  I love connecting with other elves on Twitter, the Facebook group, and Instagram.  Seeing what everyone is posting with their challenges is motivating to be better and healthier for myself.  It is wonderful! Thank you Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean and Elle @ Nutrition Ella for creating this wonderful program!!

My elf for this round is absolutely wonderful!  Esther @ Pink and Purple Lemonade has been tweeting and posting about her challenges.  She has been so motivating and inspiring that it makes me want to do better with my own challenges.  I have been slacking on posting my challenges daily because I have been enjoying the holidays with my family.  Here are the challenges for this week:
  • Monday: Call friends just to chat
  • Tuesday: Go for a walk with a family member
  • Wednesday: Find 3 things you love about yourself
  • Thursday: Make a list of 20 things you're thankful for
  • Friday: Make a healthy microwave mug cake
  • Weekend: Take some time for yourself
Monday was extremely hectic with Christmas Eve festivities that I didn't get a chance to call anyone (but I did text people wishing them a Merry Christmas!!).  I enjoyed spending time and celebrating Christmas with my extended family.  We played bingo for gag gifts (a new tradition started by my Nana) and I won twice!

Charlie the doxie pup

On Tuesday, myself, mom, sister, and Charlie the doxie pup went on a walk in our neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day!  Even though we had spent all morning opening gifts and talking, the walk allowed us to calm down from all of the excitement and talk. 

Wednesday's Challenge: Find 3 things you love about yourself
  • My eyes - I love the hazel blue color and the long lashes (thank you Mom!!)
  • My long legs - even though I am only 5'4" tall, my legs make me feel taller than I actually am.  They also come in handy when I get the chance to exercise
  • My hair - even though it doesn't hold ANY curl like I wish it would, it is soft, full and healthy
Thursday's Challenge: 20 things I am thankful for
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Roof over my head
  4. Food in my refrigerator
  5. Health - especially during my internship because if I get sick, I'll have to make up those hours.  Hard to do with a hectic schedule
  6. Education - Marshall University Dietetic Internship and Master's program, graduating in July!
  7. Reliable car that allows me to get to my dietetic rotations
  8. Ability to cook
  9. My comfortable bed
  10. My professors - they are so supportive of myself and fellow students.  They are what make the dietetic program great!
  11. Wine (especially red wine)
  12. Dark chocolate
  13. Soy milk - because I'm lactose intolerant
  14. Access to healthy food - this includes our new local co-op market The Wild Ramp!
  15. Travel experiences - allows me to see and experience more than what is in Huntington, WV (smallish community with little diversity)
  16. My dog Charlie - even though I have only had him since Thanksgiving, he brings me joy and motivates me to go on walks
  17. Audio books - with lots driving I get tired to just listening to music.
  18. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (LOVE IT!!)
  19. Peanut Butter & Co's Chocolate Peanut Butter - tree nut allergy doesn't let me have chocolate hazelnut spread.  Found a delicious alternative!
  20. My cookbook collection, that is still growing!!

I will probably do today's challenge of making a healthy microwave mug cake this weekend as a treat to myself. I've spent this week at my parents and am going back home this evening.  This weekend I am going to be cleaning and reorganizing the apartment, which I do consider "me time."  I have Christmas gifts to find homes for, including a new food processor/blender (YAY!).

Can't wait to start on week 6's challenges on Monday!

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